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Emergency Dentist Zurich Bahnhofstrasse | Same Day Appointment

Dental emergency service for acute toothache, a broken tooth, a tooth emergency or a dental accident. You will get an appointment with our dentist emergency service on the same day, even on the weekend and on holidays.

Information in the event of a dental accident

  • What happened?
  • When did it happen?
  • Have teeth been injured or knocked out?
  • Are milk or permanent teeth affected?
  • Have your lips or tongue been injured?
    Are you allergic to antibiotics or other medication?

Please note: even minor accidents can result in complications. If in doubt, always contact your dentist.

Important: correct behavior in the event of a dental accident

Correct behavior can be crucial! Stop heavy bleeding by pressing down on a cloth and soaking your knocked out teeth in milk. Do not try to clean your teeth. Contact an emergency dentist immediately.

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